School profile

School of Materials Science and Engineering of Henan University of Technology

Established in 1956, the School of Materials Science and Engineering(school of MSE) is one of the most distinctive departments in Henan Universityof Technology. After six decades developments following the school motto“erudition, grace, diligence, practice ” , the school of MSE has taken theleading position in nurturing graduates of majoring in material engineering,especially in the fields of abrasives manufacturing and superhard materialssynthesis.

The school of MSE is a home of 72 faculty and staffs, including 17 professors, 28 associate professors, senior engineers and senior experimentalists.We have 40 staffs entitled doctorates, and 10 have oversea education backgrounds.24 of our staffs have been qualified for Master supervisor and 2 for doctoralsupervisor. Among our staffs, 1 is the winner of “the State Council SpecialGovernment Subsidy”, 1 is awarded “Machinery Department of Youth Science andTechnology expert”, 1 is the winner in “Henan province innovation talentengineering”, 3 staffs have been awarded “Henan province outstanding youngteachers” and 1 has been granted “Outstanding talent innovation fund of HenanProvince Education Office”.

Currently, the school of MSE offers 3 degree programs and 1 diplomaprogram, which are Materials Science and Engineering, Inorganic Materials andEngineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering and Diploma of Materials Engineeringand Technology. Program of “Materials Science and Engineering” has been awarded“Provincial level key discipline”. The school of MSE in Henan university ofTechnology is the only department which offers the degree in the fields ofsuperhard materials and products and abrasive materials manufacture. The schoolof MSE possesses many key laboratories, such as “Henan Provincial keylaboratory of high-temperature abrasive materials”, “Henan provincial keydiscipline of Superhard Materials Laboratory”, “Superhard Materials andproducts researching center of Henan”, “Clean-energy researching center of Zhengzhou (collaborated with Italy)” and “Zhengzhou KeyLaboratory of environmental friendly coatings”. The core of the school is asuite of common, shared laboratories which provide essential services inSpectroscopy, Microscopy, and Sample Preparation & Analysis. The total laboratoryarea reaches over 16,000 m2, and the equipments worth over 12million Yuan.

In recent years, the school of MSE has received over 12 grants from “theNational key S & T specific projects foundation”, “the National NatureScience Foundation ” , “Henan Provincial key S & T specific projectsfoundation” and “Henan Provincial Outstanding Talent Innovation Fund”. Theschool of MSE has been responsible for 68 provincial and ministerial Scienceand Technology Developing Projects and 76 enterprise collaboration projects.Staffs of the school have published 18 books and over 350 peer reviewed journalpapers, of which 72 were indexed by SCI or EI. The school has been communicating closely with the enterprise since itsestablishment, and many technologies have been applied in over 30 companies,such as Indian Shawa SuperhardMaterial Company, Luxin high Science and Technology Ltd., Changxing SuperhardMaterial Ltd. etc. and received significant economic benefit and socialbenefit. The school possesses many technologies which are in the internationalleading level, such as Low temperature ceramic adhesives diamond grinding wheel,high temperature resistance adhesives, CBN grinding wheels, Flexible WaterproofAbrasive Cloth etc. There are 8 technologies awarded “Provincial prize forprogress in Science and Technology ”.

The school has been collaborating closely with the enterprises sinceits establishment and is one of the members to the board of Director ofNational abrasives, superhard materials and coated abrasives industry. 7 of ourprofessors have been elected member of National Abrasives Standardization TechnicalCommittee, vice director of Coated Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee,and vice chairman of Abrasives Industry Experts Union. Over the recently years,the cooperation between the school of MSE and the enterprises have beenenhanced in many aspects, such as new technologies and new productsdevelopment, 25 related Chinese patents have been granted. Additionally,cooperation agreements have been signed between the school of MSE and ZhengzhouResearch Institute for Abrasives & Grinding, Zhengzhou White Pigeon (group)Co., Ltd.. Many industrial cooperators, such as Zhengzhou Yufa AbrasiveMaterials Group Co., Ltd., MONTE-BIANCO Diamond Applications Co., Ltd., GuangdongChuanghui Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangdong Little Sun Abrasive Materials Co.,Ltd. and Shengquan Group Co., Ltd., have established scholarships forencouraging excellent students and teachers, the total amounts has reached 2mollion Yuan. The “abrasive materials research and development center” ofGuangdong Little Sun Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd. and Guangdong ChuanghuiIndustrial Co., Ltd. are both located in the school of MSE. We have also the “SuperhardAbrasive Materials Exhibition Center” of Shenzhen Changxing Technology Co.,Ltd. settled in our school.

Graduates of the school of MSE are very well favored by theemployers. Students have been awarded in a number of national and provincialchallenges, such as the Challenge CupNational Science and Technology College of extra-curricular academiccompetition works. We have signed 24 internship agreements with theenterprises, such as Henan Huanghe whirlwind Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou White Pigeon(group) Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Zhongnan JETE superhard Materials Co., Ltd.,Zhengzhou Huajing superhard Materials Co., Ltd. Due to the excellentperformance of our graduates, our students are always in short supply, thesupply-demand ratio reaches 1:3.5.

The development of the school of MSE has been approved by thecommunity. We have been awarded “Advanced collective of Henan provinceeducation system”, “Advanced party organizations of Henan province education department”,“Advanced party organizations of Henan University of Technology”. A developmenthistory of over 50 years of the school has brought up a fighting spirit of hardwork and self-improvement, brought up a dedication spirit of serving themotherland and the people, brought up a struggling spirit of making progressand daring to be the first, and brought up a pragmatic spirit of beingdown-to-earth and doing solid work. Under new historical conditions, we bear in mind the historical mission,follow the school motto of virtue, truth,innovation, practice, seize newopportunities, meet new challenges, and strike forward, in an enthusiasticmental state with an ideological character of keeping pace with the times andwith a truthful and pragmatic style of work, for achieving the goal of buildinga high level school.

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